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Happy Hallow
for this hallows eve i just wanted 2 let everyone know that i have faced and put down another inner-demon. I won't get into detail but instead ill share the poem i wrote for my little sister, its more than a poem and it was all last minute so if its corny 2 u, 2 bad. I'm the middle child and its not always easy 2 b understood but i wouldn't trade it for the world. ^_^<369

hey kim sorry 2 b the dim
2 your light sorry we always gotta fight
and im really startin to realize i sometimes dont have the right
to yell sorry kim sometimes my mind doesnt always run well
and im writing this 2 let u know
im about to try and show
how much i love you
sorry for that broken promise
b/c i remember telling you this before
but i promise after u hear this we will be steppin thru another door
i understand that sometimes the way i approach you can come off tough
i dont like 2 have 2 get rough
so iono wat else im trying to say
except i love you and im always praying for better days
and that im about 2 change my ways
if u can dig it meet me halfway.

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