Madness- A Poem

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I can hear them in my head

telling me they want me dead

I can't breath without them knowing

I can't walk without them showing.

All my friends ask what is wrong,

as if they can't hear Henry's Gong,

But I can tell, before too long,

they'll try and kill me with a song.

The men and women in my brain

keep telling me that I'm insane

I don't believe them, how could I?

If they keep telling me why to die?

Everyone is watching me,

I can see you, Harper Lee.

Nobody admits it's true,

but I know that it's always you.

Listening to them again,

I notice now that they're my friends.

They know how hard it is to live,

how much the world wants me to give.

I think I get it, I won't lie,

I know why they want me to die.

It's like they said, I really should,

It truly is for my own good.

I get a gun and load it now,

And pull the tr


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oh my...

It's an excellent poem, but are you OK?

~~~ the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses ~ e e cummings ~~~

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That's a good question.

If I'm ever in the neighborhood, I'll ask.

"What is life but a constant search for pleasure? I think that the feeling of a young man's tongue inside your mouth is the greatest pleasure of all."
-The Baron Van Oestregan

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I agree with Splash...

That is fantastic. Kinda reminds me of some Nine Inch Nails' songs...

And that's a good thing :)

Once upon a time I ripped the wings from my spine
But when I hide inside your eyes I still pretend that I can fly

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Nine inch nails is awesome.

They have a lot of incredibly angry, sexual songs.

If you're going through hell, keep going. ~Winston Churchill