Man fired for defending traditional marriage

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omfg. idiots like that make

omfg. idiots like that make me want to kick something. except that he was so stupid about it i more just wanted to laugh at him.

firstly, um, yeah, it's definitely not an opinion to talk about your fiance. dude, if you had a "so-called female fiance" you would feel every right to talk about her.

secondly, no, you won't get fired for being uncomfortable if somebody at your work is hitting on you. regardless of their and your gender, you can complain if someone at work is making you feel uncomfortable.

i mean, seriously, what an idiot. he has no real argument there. he was obviously in the wrong. *get over it*--like you said, if you live in massachussetts that kind of thing is gonna happen, no matter where you work. don't like it? move to some close-minded state where everybody is a homophobe like you.
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That truly made me have a nice laugh. He is entitled to have his opinion to hate gay people, you can hate whoever you want.
However, you should not act on those hates, especially in a workplace setting to a superior.
The one argument that should shut everyone up is that homosexuality is not a choice.
I guess the other one that also should is that a gay couple will not affect you. If you get offended by them, they should be able to get offended by a straight couple.

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Wow, I just love that he

Wow, I just love that he says "And she continually brought up her so-called female fiancee without any provocation from me." Somebody needs to provoke you in order for you to talk about the fact that you're getting married soon? I think that one's called excitement, actually... Last I checked, anywho.

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I'm pretty sure that having

I'm pretty sure that having a fiance is a fact buddy, not an opinion. Opinions aren't physical.

And... Uhm... I'm pretty sure that if anybody starts hitting on you, you can file harassment charges buddy. It's called federal law.

He's not very good at rhetoric...

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asshole.. ugh. it's not

asshole.. ugh. it's not worth it. you're really stupid.
its actually quite funny.
she never retaliated ... she said "human rights, buddy, get over it."
why do they keep editing what he's saying?

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Man this guy is pathetic. I

Man this guy is pathetic. I mean, there's pathetic and then there's this. The fact that anyone can take any of this seriously is beyond me. :P

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What a jackass

You may as well make it a law then, that nobody (gay or straight) can talk about their gf/bf or spouse in the workplace. You can't just say you don't want gay people to talk about theirs because it makes you uncomfortable., I feel sorry for him. He'll probably never see how truly ignorant he is.

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The fact that he got fired...

Is Epic Win for the gay agenda.

This guy is right. Soon we will rule you all, and if you object, expect buttrape.

This is a message from the Gay Committee to Destroy Straights... Of Doom
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Thank You!

I was just really sad for reasons I just put in my journal, and this just helped a LOT. I feel some better now...

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What a douche. And I agree, Tophat.

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his haircut is crooked. and

his haircut is crooked. and he seems very...douche-y.

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It is unfortunate that this young man lost his job. Personally he should have been given council on the law, gay relationships, and shown that he can talk about his finace' (not sure on the spelling here) and as such the manager has the same right. He must work with gay people the rest of his life, some married and some not. Does he expect that he should tell those that are legally married in a same sex relationship that they are offending him and thus not have to wait on, or serve them? Does he think that just because its against his religion that its also against all other religions? He is in the USA, where people have the right to express their opinion, and practice their own religion with out harassment from those like him , and as well as others who disagree with him. Maybe now he will learn what we as gay people have gone through for centuries. The shoe is on the other foot now for people like him. I was thrown out of my rented house, because I am gay. Was fired from a job, because I am gay. Now he knows how I felt. OFB

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What really made me laugh...

Was that homosexual marriage wasn't legal, it was "legal". Along with being just plain stupid, I guess he doesn't know what a law stands for.

And with how he's saying it, it sounds as if his manager wasn't talking to him about her fiance, she was telling others.

It's even better that he didn't bother to argue it to the company, but put on Youtube instead....

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What is up with the "so-called female fiance" remark? Can he not wrap his mind around the idea that even though he disagrees with her choice to marry another women, that it is still happening? And how many times did he refer to homosexuality as "bad stuff?" I truly feel sorry for those who conform to religious principals and do not give their own opinions a chance.

THANK YOU for posting this!