Newcastle: DVD Review

By Jeff Walsh

When I put "Newcastle" on, I figured the worst case scenario would be seeing hot surfer guys with not much else going on. And that's exactly what happened.

I don't want to give this much of a review, because this is one of those bait-and-switch gay movies, where it's marketed to gay audiences, on a gay DVD label, there's a bunch of hot guys on the cover, and… nothing much gay happens. If you mistimed a bathroom break, you'd miss the closest thing to a gay scene. And the gay scene there is seems to opt for a much different perspective than the well-lit, prolonged scenes given to the heterosexual sex scenes.

Sure, there's a lot of amazingly hot guys, many of whom run around and swim naked. But, really it isn't enough.

In any event, the movie is about 17-year-old Jesse, a surfer in Newcastle, Australia. His older brother, Victor, is resentful that Jesse is getting further ahead as a professional surfer than he ever did. And the other brother, Fergus, who is often called "Faggus," has a crush on his brother's friend Andy.

The actors do a lot of their own surfing, and it's shot very well. But ultimately, nothing much happens, you see some hot guys, then 100 minutes later, the credits roll.