No More Pain, And No Regrets.

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Watch the sun go brown, smoking coke or cigarettes.

Once again, lyrics are rather telling.

For some reason I feel really odd today. I'm really hyper, but I didn't sleep much.


Moving on, I was wondering who invented the Organ. Hohner?

Also, what's the purpose of the fishnet if you don't have any fish?


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smoking cigaretttes. let me grab my pack and join u. jk.

Life is easily complicated.

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gawd man

smoke the cigs yeah but leave the coke habit will kill you sooner or later. I had a bad coke habit...but it was hell getting those cans up my nose...hurt like hell....LOL....but really man...leave the drug coke alone !!!!!!

Genius is not a sign of intelligence, but rather
that of common sense. Humor is the best pain pill.

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Oops. I was clearly misinterpreted...

I don't do drugs. I was actually quoting lyrics, and intended to use them as a thing about insanity...

But I lost my train of thought mid-post.

No, I'm opposed to doing drugs, myself... I don't care if others do, but me... It goes against my beliefs. God ain't in a pill.
Those who are united in love know no separation.
-Meher Baba

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"god ain't in a pill." i

"god ain't in a pill."
i like that..