November had to come, sometime

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Freckles and I are dating.
I have a boyfriend, ...strange.
The last one had me bashing my brains in with whittled spoons and truck tires.
But Freckles is just so.. good.
Not the best word, but the first that comes to mind.
He's smart, adorable, attractive, attentive, really listens to me, wants to hold my hand.. the list goes on and on.
He kissed me last Friday for the first time. It was soft and sweet and left me muddled and in a daze.
He's coming over this Friday to take a nap with me and read to me in bed.
Can you possibly think of anything better?
Because I sure as hell can't.

love always.


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^w^ omigosh! i possibly found myself a girlfriend! *highfive!*

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)