PSA for everyone.

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I want you all to know that if anyone is troubled, they can come to me. When I'm not in a downward spiral, I am generally quite helpful to those who really need it.

So please, if you're feeling bad, thinking about hurting yourself, or simply need someone to comfort you or talk to you, I'm here. PM me. I'll always reply.

I love you all. You're family to me. So please, talk to me if you EVER need anything. There's nothing to small to ask about, nothing too intense for me to help. Well, within reason. If you've murdered twelve people... I can't help you. ;D


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Just remember to let us help

Just remember to let us help you when your in pain.

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Exactly. ^.^ And... does

Exactly. ^.^

And... does this mean you won't help me bury the bodies? You had a part in this, too... sticking your HIV infected needles into everyone's vaginas..... tsk tsk.

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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Stoppen Sie Sprechen! You wanna get picked up by Die Kriminalpolizei?

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