Skeletons- A Commentary On Life

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Thank you for coming to our meeting tonight,

we're so very happy to see you.

I hope that you all can enjoy your short stay,

And hopefully you see what is true.

The Bigoted Masses and Media Poison

would have you all think we were evil,

Though if they took a good look at themselves,

they'd understand their views are medieval.

On the subject of petty disputes,

We suggest a simple answer.

Shooting your opponent is naturally good,

so show him what for, the old cur.

Don't even bother taking the high road,

that would only be boring.

Try to aggravate the problem until

both sides begin warring!

As for the concept of equality,

violent revolution will do.

Don't bother with that silly "diplomacy",

that went out of style, too.

On love, don't bother, it doesn't exist,

so fuck whoever you can.

Because honestly, if you look at yourselves,

who in this room is really a man?

So forget the old "values", forget all that tripe!

trust us, we def'nitely know best.

The Skeletons in the Closet are truly the Leaders,

And we'll never let sleeping dogs rest!


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I like it!! You're really

I like it!! You're really talented!! And i dont give compliments on works a lot. but you're good.

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That was truly like the best thing I've ever read. :O

If you're going through hell, keep going. ~Winston Churchill

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I certainly hope...

You weren't taking this at face value. O.O

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-The Baron Van Oestregan