speaking on a personal level. for a change: certain people i have no desire to come out to and why

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from this point on i'm going to try write about personal things rather than political..... i do have things that ive been needing to get off my chest. being political was just an excuse to keep things bottled up.

I've known i have feelings for other males since i was very young. 8 or 9 maybe... I didn't have an inkling as to what it all meant until my first summer at sleepaway camp when i was 12. I developed a major crush on a bunkmate. Than the next summer, a less intense crush on another bunkmate...( i had an extremely good time that summer, in certain regards).

Most teenagers aren't thrilled by the idea of coming out to their parents. That went for me especially. Its a great thing for a parent to be ok with their child being gay. The reason i have never told my mom is because she would be a little TOO ok with it.......
My mother is a self-described "fag-hag." Practically all her male friends are gay. Her friends all joke, and shes even said so herself that she is a "gay man trapped in a womans body".......

Have I the right to feel embarrassed about this?


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Oh, yes.

Trust me... I wouldn't tell my mother if she were like that. Nygnh. O.o

It's nice, by the way, to hear you speak about yourself. *Huggle*

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yeah but take it from me.. you would rather your family be over accepting than turn completely religeous on you.. i would tell her it will make you feel better and not to mention give you guys something to talk about!

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better a....

It is better to have a fag-hag for a mother rather than a bible beater, true. She isn't the kind of person that I want to have "something" to talk about with. Knowing the way she is, instead of just being happy that i know who am i, she"ll go around to all her friends talking about how proud she is of her gay son......


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My two cents regarding your final question. I'm of the opinion that you have the right to your own feelings, but I also try to see things from another perspective but that's just my personal operating style.

If you were to tell her one day, at least you know she'd be supportive, and perhaps you could discuss how comfortable you'd feel about her talking about it with others. Establish boundaries or something.