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Tonight for the first time I watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. And with my mommy. Haha. It was AWESOME. Tim Curry bloody rocks! His fits were hilarious.

And Susan Sarandon wasn't so bad either :D

Although I have to say I would've liked to have seen Magenta and Columbia get together. But that's the romantic lesbian in me :)


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oh my god, that whole movie

oh my god, that whole movie is just the sex.

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That movie is the most

That movie is the most amazing movie ever!!!

Ahhhhhh, I love it. :D

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Great Movie,

Oh those Brits.

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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We were supposed to have a

We were supposed to have a screening of Rocky Horror here, but it didn't happen. I'm so disappointed.

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Should go out and rent sometime. It was quite good. Especially considering it combines two things that I'm not usually fond of : 70s movies + musical numbers. That would usually spell disaster but not this time.

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