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so every one i know has a tradition for thanksgiving.. what is yours

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Well we have more of a

Well we have more of a general holiday tradition of screaming, fighting, and just generally not getting along well.

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My tradition pretty much

My tradition pretty much died when my grandparents passed away.

BUT! The tradition I had, was that they would fly on up to Burlington from Pittsburgh and would stay at an Inn. We'd go out to eat a French Bistro on Wednesday (today). Then, they'd come over for a thanks-giving lunch on Thursday. We'd have turkey, stuffing, beets, bread & butter pickles, cauliflower, clapshot, sticky buns, creamed onions, chard, etc. Then we'd have chocolate, squash, blueberry and apple pie. Then, on friday night we'd go out to the Single Pebble, this fancy-schmancy Chinese restaurant.

Then they'd fly back to Pittsburgh!

They couldn't come last year, because they were too sickly. Then the year before that, they had to charter a private jet (talk about expensive - 7K per flight) because they were so unstable in health.

I really miss seeing them =\...