The Fall Of Icarus

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Arrogance was his death.

He found himself reaching higher, and once he got there, he died for it.

We should all learn from this... Arrogance is Death.


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Couldn't the story of Icarus

Couldn't the story of Icarus be viewed more so as the individual vs. authority? I mean, the heavens - the gods - should not be attainable by man, however, Icarus was able to come very close. As a result, the gods had to smite him.

It could also be looked as freedom vs. fate, and of course being a Greco-Roman story, fate won. If you're as a lowly human, you stay as one - you can't climb high. Sort of fits into the concepts that Herbet Spencer (hateee you!) arrived at... So it could be looked at in modern terms Jane Addams vs. Herbet Spencer

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My interpretation, your interpretation.

Not to mention, I'm making a not-so-obscure reference to someone on this site.

Hm. I'm being rude again. Oops.

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*bitesyourheadoff* Problem


Problem solved! You can't be a bitch now : D Not that you really were...