Torture- A Poem

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No more

No Less

So Sore


Your death

is sweet

my meth

ain't beat

I can't

shoot him

he's not

quite dead

the lights

are dim

and my

brain's dead

I won't

kill you


I'm sick

but I'll

hurt you


to prick

saws to

saw with

claws to

claw with


comes soon

so will

your doom

I hope

that you've


my groove

don't turn


from a

new sound

I'm there



your mind

Inside the human mind there is

an unfortunate sickness.

Methamphetamines can emphasize this sickness to the point

where one cannot tell right from wrong,

and may believe that torture brings pleasure

to the victim.

Can't you see that this must be stopped?

here we have an example of the sickness

in the human mind.

Now do you believe me? In

God's holy name,

you must

obey, before we all become

uncontrollable creatures of death!


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Hint: for the non-metered portions,

Read only the first letter of each line.

Those who are united in love know no separation.
-Meher Baba

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I love this.

I love this.