ugh D:

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so according to my dad im fat. i only weigh 95 lbs! im 14! how much am i suposed to wiegh? he can always find something wrong with me :'(


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uhhhhhh......babe, you're

uhhhhhh......babe, you're underweight. don't listen to what your dad. ever.

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Thats stupid.

You're perfect the way you are!
You should sick a few ferrets on him. Lol.

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Oh, honey, in no way, shape or form are you fat! No no no. Don't believe him about that, okay?

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Don't be like me.

Sometimes, I think I'm fat, and then my brother just reassures me, although the downside is that I also get called stupid, but I'm used to that.
P.S. My swim coach tells me that when you swim as much as I do (a couple miles a day) that you shouldn't diet no matter what. Dieting is bad at our age. BAD!

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Why Not Be Like You?

...okay, with that out of the way: Good advice! At your age one's body undergoes rapid development and unless one is a glutton, you will let nature dictate your daily intake of nutrients.

However, it is good to be aware that many of the foods that are highly advertised to seduce teens are excessively calorie laden and should not be eaten day after day.

Just be sure that you're consuming a wide variety of foods: paying special attention to calcium and vitamin D (particularly important at your age). And, my personal quirk: don't avoid fish!

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Me weighing 95 lbs., would

Me weighing 95 lbs., would be considered being anorexic. However, an individual suffering dwarfism that weighs 95 lbs. would be considered obese.

Weight is all relative. So mind telling us how tall yah are? I seriously doubt that you're overweight though.

Anyway, I seem to have the problem opposite of you. Everyone calls me too skinny. A past boyfriend of mine, Jake, I swear thought that I was anorexic. He'd always try and coax me into eating huge portions, and I'd always respond, "I'M NOT HUNGRY! I EAT WHEN I'M HUNGRY! NOT WHEN MY BOYFRIEND TELLS ME TO". It's kind of annoying to be constantly reminded of how skinny you are...

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Your father is just being mean

Don't listen to him. 95lbs at your age is in no way overweight. Plus it's more important that you feel okay and healthy than that silly little number on the scale.

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im about... hmmmm im not sure how tall, but 5' 5'' would be my guess. i personally feel that my current body wieght to hieght is just wonderful(which my doctor agrees with..oh wiat no im not saying my doctor thinks i have a nice body...anyway) yes

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What? I can't see 95 pounds

What? I can't see 95 pounds as being fat for any fourteen-year-old boy unless he was like, 4 feet tall! That is so not fat.

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If you're 5'5" and 95 lbs as

If you're 5'5" and 95 lbs as a fourteen year old, you'd be placed in the 5th percentile for BMI'S with a 16.3 as a BMI. <18.5 is unconsidered underweight for an adult.

Personally, I'm 5'9" 5/8 inches and 142 lbs. with a BMI of 20.6, and at the age of 17, I'm at the 36th percentile.

You're far from overweight kiddo.

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a lil violent!!

if u r fat than im gigantic. lol. but alteast u arent one of those who thinks they r fat when they r not and goes around saying it. i just wanna shove food down their month untill they are fat.

Life is easily complicated.

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If your only 5'5" and 95Lbs then you are far from being fat, overweight, or any thing like it...your just right for you height. Why in the world did he tell you that your fat? were you two having an argument or something?
Now me....Im fat...overweight and a tub of lard...6 ft...235 Lbs...should weight in at about you can see I am FAT not you.

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