Walking Along The River Always Helps Me Think:

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i find masculinity to be comforting, but masculinity by itself is not very intriguing. Being physically attracted to a guy, for me is not enough, I need to feel an emotional connection.....

I would say thats more on the side of homoerotic tendencies than pure homosexuality.

what do you think?


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Many people need to feel an emotional connection, gay, straight, whatever. I wouldn't say that someone who is "purely homosexual" goes only on physical attraction; the emotional component should always be important.

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You know that homosexuality/

You know that homosexuality/ heterosexuality are social constructs. 19th century medical conditions. Whatever.

The name and explaination for what- and who- you do is specific to your historical and geographical location. Your 'natural urges' run through channels already dug out for us.

Compulsively attempting to locate and catagorise (or not) and find expression for your own individual sexuality in minute and miopic bloody detail, brings you dangerously close to the shittiest parts of queer identity politics (ironically enough).

So don't worry about it. You know who you want to sleep with. You know who you fall in love with. You know who you're drawn to. You know- probably- it's more complicated in your mind than it is in reality (or maybe it's more complicated in reality than it is in your mind- who knows, it's just complicated).

It doesn't really matter what you want to call it- or call yourself.
It matters what the world is going to call you.

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Thats A Much Better Way of Looking At It.