Weird Moods

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I'm tired of having all these weird moods going through me. I feel as though I just don't care about anything anymore. It's been going on for like... the past week.
It's been harder for me to find things to be happy about. I'm normally that happy, cheery person.
Not lately.

I'm sick of it. I know I'm not depressed, at least not majorly, but it's becoming such a nuisance... I can't focus on anything because my brain is so fuzzy and I am so easily distracted, but ALWAYS bored.

Sorry for rambling.. ugh.

I'm tired.
I'm tired of being tired. It's like I can't get enough sleep. I don't remember a time that I've actually felt rested after sleeping.

Maybe I need to do a detox. =/

I think part of my problem tonight is that B basically told me that I might not have a chance with J. I'm thinking it's jealousy on her part, but.... idk. I really don't think I have a chance with her, either. Not when I'm not personable and outgoing... which.. lately, that's DEFINITELY a no.

Shit's gotta change...



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awwwww :( *HUG* I hope you

awwwww :( *HUG* I hope you feel better soon!

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I identify and sympathize with being tired.

HUG!!!!!!!! I hate being tired. Because I went trick or treating on Halloween, I got a whole bunch of candy, and now I'm not content with the healthy fruits and stuff I usually eat, and now it's affecting my swimming! I no longer have the energy!

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If this feeling continues, I want you to tell me. Okay? I've got a lot of experience with depression, and if it continues it could be serious. It could be nothing, but I want you to tell me anyways, okay?

*HUGS* Feel better.

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Thank youu, everyone. I've

Thank youu, everyone.

I've been thinking that I REALLY need to do a detox, because I haven't done one in a long time. And I think college food isn't helping to improve my mood..... I'm going to try to just eat fresh fruits and veggies today or the next few days and a limited amount of fats and see how that goes..
As for the not feeling refreshed after sleep, I think it's because of my bed, but there's not much I can do about that. The beds here are hard as fucking rocks, and it hurts my back. I'm going to make a chiropractor appointment when I go home for winter break, so we'll see if that helps.

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big bear hug. maybe u should take a day to yourself. all to urself to reevaluate life. :)

Life is easily complicated.

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I think I might do that

I think I might do that tonight / tomorrow. That's a really good idea!

By the way, i'm feeling better right now..
I've eaten pinapple, 100% fruit juice, and lettuce, lean chicken breast, and parmesean cheese.

I also got a package from home today, and I got LOTS AND LOTS of chicken noodle soup and other soups, and kashi granola bars and crackers! =]
I'm going to be avoiding / pawning off all the candy they packed in there, too lol.

Anyways... moving on.

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]