Wow, that BLOWS.

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So. Thanksgiving, fine whatever.

No, yesterday, as if this house couldn't have any more problems, SOMEONE RAN THEIR TRUCK INTO MY HOUSE.

Don't freak out. They didn't take out a whole wall, luckily. But the living room window? Kaput. The whole frameis bent and the window is shattered. As if it wasn't cold enough in this god-forsaken basement. It's been covered with plastic, already, so it's not so bad, but, ya know?


Oh, and my brother got suspended.


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how did

he manage to run it into your house?

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He had a medical condition, and he blacked out while he was driving.



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Blow and suck mean the same

Blow and suck mean the same thing in this case, so... that sucks! a lot.

Ho-ly c-rap. F word! I hope it's not too drafty in there and you can get that window fixed pronto. o.O Did the guy have narcolepsy (sp?), or whatever it is?

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I dunno what the guy had, but I don't think he should be driving if he just blacked out like that. But at least no one was hurt. I mean, something like that happening, things could've gone SO much worse than just hitting a house and breaking a window.

I mean, his front bumper was effed up, and he blew three tires, but he wasn't injured, and no one was in the living room at the time.



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god, that's like the

god, that's like the commercial for whatever insurance that is with the businessmanlike black guy...state something?...anywhoo, i didn't think that actually happened in real life. i hope insurance covers it!
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State Farm

I know, right? Kinda funny. State Farm was really nice. The guy that hit me with his van had State Farm, and they were really nice about the whole thing. I'm sure insurance will cover it.



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Thank goodness no one was

Thank goodness no one was hurt.

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I know, right. Windows and stuff can be fixed, but someone could have been seriously injured, even the guy who was driving the truck was fine.