Yes say we are moderates

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M friends, I am rejoiced; You are glad
I am a believer in that small portion-
Oh my honourable friend! Should
Either persecute to some purpose or
He would rather be sent to the King

The fact damages the rule, but not issues of law
The fourth exhortation shall be-
Oh ye immortal Gods, where-
Then the fifth, the fifth
Shall we dwell no longer
We shall not rest on the seventh

Protest oh protest less!
Powder penal ingnite might this time be right!
He a different man; Young merchant, no, housebuilder no
Different than woman that refuse
To sew buttons and cook dinners
Burn, burn, burn
Ideas of stone light up the sky
Honest people acting in jury and jail
Who is wrong who is wrong
He replied

"Please forget. But whatever acrid taste we have. It shall not pass."
And it will not. Not until we we let it rot
In hot-heap grot of brilliant red

Then we will know. This isn't just a worker or comrade
or their revolution. We owe ourselves this much

So we may be free at last.


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viva la revolucion!!!

Life is easily complicated.