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So I had a amazing sexual experience last Tuesday. I have been hanging out with a girl named Natsuki. She is a immigrant from the Philippines and she has been in Canada for 8 months now. We met a couple months ago, and we have been talking and hanging out since. It was not until recently that our relationship became more of a sexual one. She had never been with anyone before she met me. She had not even kissed another person before she met me. So naturally the development of our sexual relationship was slow.

On Tuesday we made love. I call it that because it was not just sex, or fucking. It was not a spectacular, earth shattering physical experience. It was a very overwhelming experience for me though. I am happy that she chose me to be her first. We are not technically a couple. I do not want to have to deal with the expectations of couplehood.


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Welp, looks like you've

Welp, looks like you've found yourself a fwb!! ;D

Do you think she is expecting more though? What will you do if she wants a relationship? (you don't have to answer.. I know I'm being a bit nosey =p)

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I'll just be honest. She

I'll just be honest. She can do whatever se wants with that informtion.