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devon called me at 9:44 this morning and i didn't bother to pick up...
she left a message and i listened and deleted....i dont wanna say it,
but she kinda ruined my morning...or i did, by listening to the message...

so i eat breakfast blah blah blah...present time!

first some pictures, brother's first to open presents...then my turn...
i got a bag, a USC sweater i've been wanting for the longest time,
ink'd Skullcandi earbuds, a purple argle sweater, a plum colored jacket,
a bracelet from my grandma, gift cards, and The Lovely Bones book.

i'd say that was a pretty darn good list...i'm most pleased with the USC
sweater and the earbuds...oh, and i made a little doll thing for my bro.
he spazzed...haha

it doesn't feel like christmas...same thing last year...bleh...
hope ya'll had a wonderful christmas:)



I agree. It really doesn't

I agree. It really doesn't feel like Christmas. It was fun anyway though lol =]

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hon, you can't keep avoiding

hon, you can't keep avoiding this thing with devon. if you don't feel the same about her anymore, you should tell her. it'll be hard, but avoiding it will cause even more pain in the long run.
what'd she say, when she called you?
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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>< i know

but i honestly dont know anymore...
she just said merry christmas and that was it...
i dont want to hurt her, but i realize that it would be
totally wrong to lead her on, since i was lead on a couple times
but i wanna see what happens when i see her
i wanna see if there still is something there...

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mkay...but if there *isn't*

mkay...but if there *isn't* something there, don't draw it out. don't wait for it to maybe come back, okay? that won't be any fun for either of you during or after.
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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dont worry

i've done A LOT of thinking on this...maybe even over-thought....i'm not good for even if i still do have feelings, i think it's best for the both of us.

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)