current obsession is anything PepSi:D

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Man, do I love the fact that Pepsienglish is around hehe(lets me have volume up a little to get the emotion of scene:D, can't fully 'get' that from just reading the subtitles..)...watched all the compilations from like 11-74, even some music vids(obviously) and read fanfic(and love the few ones on ep. 104 continuing and hopefully next season will have Pepa/Silvia together cuz if that's how it ended....I also like Sara's character, she's cute hehe:D

Winter is here hehe in Rockford and so far, it's not soo bad......starting school in like a month and I'm taking Color Theory, Non Western Art, Design II and Contemporary Health Issues...I like that the campus is way smaller than my CA campus and although I'll miss my friends(esp James)/way of doing things there, maybe I can make just as meaningful friends/find new ways of doing things here you know? I'm good at adapting when needed..... hell maybe even potential for more than friends..we'll see.....