Fine, because Nanook made me, and I don't want to scare Jeff.

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My dream iiiiissss.......


Damn it, this is too hard.

Well it doesn't involve killing people. (So you can relax, jeff-cake)

It does however, involve being an author.

Which isn't a real job.

But I wanna write, I want people to see the scenes in my head, make them feel the way I feel.

In short, I'm desperate to communicate my imaginiation to others, and the only way I've ever succeeded in the doing this has been writing.

There I said it. HAPPY NOW?!

Should I do it or not?

Halp. Please.


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Ohh. I say go for it. No

Ohh. I say go for it. No reason not to. ^^

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

"Dreaming that someone unknown has died means that either you've been watching too much CSI..." - 5thstory

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If you derive pleasure from

If you derive pleasure from writing and you feel that you can surmount the difficulties inherent in such a lifestyle, then I say go for it. Do whatever you feel would bring you happiness, regardless of other's views, or the need for income.

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I would say the best thing you could do is learn to live on the cheap and avoid some writingesque way to pay the bills.

David Mamet said people who have something to fall back on invariably do, and spare themselves a life in the arts.

I certainly took the fallback path, and don't recommend it. I'm always paid to write, just never what I'd like.

But with my novel finally finished and my horrible essay collection churning along, I'm still trying to change all that.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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yeah i think have something

yeah i think have something to fall back on

i think it's the same with a career in music
some people make it big some people play gigs once in a while but a few of my friends are doing a conjoint degree in music and something else just so that they have something to fall back on in case their music careers doesn't provide for them