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im gonna get a job, save all my money, and go visit my girl.

yeah like thats gonna happen. this winter isnt even gonna happen. and i know for a fact that its not gonna work out if she comes out this spring. she gets off a week earlier than i do. and when she has to go back is when i get off. i personally am not a fn of LDR's, which makes it ironic for me to have fallen for a girl who lives on the other side of the country. i thought about breaking up with her a couple nights ago, but then i relized how miserabe we'd be, how much i'd hurt her, and how it wouldnt solve anything. it would just be me running away from my problems again.

i'll continue this post later on today when i get a chance.

could you please wish me luck...please?
gee i had alot more to say around 10 am........ i forgot though, and im in a better mood. sooooo yay? ok now i have to go do my hw, its all piling up again e_e


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I know you'll figure something out. :)

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Maybe my parents secretly love me and have already bought the tickets, wanting to surprise me for Christmas!! :D...or maybe they just don't like me...I don't know babe. I tried. And I'm still trying. But like I said. I'm willing to miss school for you. lol. Don't worry about us. It's gonna be fine.

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It's gonna work out! You two

It's gonna work out! You two are too adorable for it not to...

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