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Last night we went on our little coffee date. It was sweet. We sat and chatted for just over an hour, then headed back to my place to watch a movie.

We spent the first 45 min or so in my room, just talking. When we talk, we talk about anything and everything: favorite disney movies, school, friends, drugs, silly childhood stories, etc. Of course the one time my mom was hovering outside my room we were on the topic of sex for all of five minutes.

Now, I'm not officially out to my parents, but... if bringing home a girl, who is relatively tomboyish, who is talking rather loudly about her own experiences with girls and strap-ons, who is currently sitting rather closely to me on my bed... isn't apparent enough, then... I blame them for not picking up the clues lol

But alas, obviously I cannot simply expect them to pick up on it, and approach me about it.

I have not come out to my family because I never saw a reason to really. However, things are changing... I figure so long as I'm living under my parents house, they have the right to know if and why I'm bringing girls back to our home. It's their house after all, I feel I should at least get their consent. It's the respectful thing to do ya?

As for the movie, we watched Spirited Away. We're both fans of a little bit of anime, and I especially love the films Hayao Miyazaki produces!

The first 20 minutes or so, we sat next to each other, watching the movie and commenting on it every minute. She took my hand and told me to squeeze it. She always talks about how she has such strong hands, and how good she is with them lol She wants to be a massage therapist later on in life.

My gawd. The way she looked at me as we gripped each others hands was overwhelming. Seductive. I didn't squeeze too hard, neither did she. The more pressure she exerted, I would reciprocate. It was hot. Her arm reached out in front of me, her body leaning in on my own. Her eyes, her lips, so close to mine. I wanted to kiss her then and there so, so badly. I didn't budge though. I wanted her to come to me all the way, I wanted to see the extent to which she could resist and constrain herself.

I knew what she was doing, and she knew what I was doing. She loosened her grip and and leaned back, we both laughed at the whole situation for a little bit. From then on we held hands and cuddled a bit.

As we were holding hands, we got closer. Feeling each others fingertips, palms, wrists, arms.. Her skin was smooth. When ever I looked up to look into her eyes, she was more or less often already looking into mine.

We kissed.

My gawd. Lip rings are hot.

We kissed and cuddled for the remainder of the movie. It was cute. If she had it her way, we probably would have sex that night. But instead, she was cautious and respectful. She would always ask if what she was doing ok, ask permission before going down to kiss my stomach. It was, a very cute, innocent and enjoyable night.

------------------------------- ** ------------------------------------

On a side note. Even though I was panicking in my head when she was talking about strap-ons while my mom was around lol, I was also extremely turned on by the fact she gives strap-ons the ok. I've thought about them before, and I think, it would be extremely hot... mmm...

I think, we may just have some promise of fun times ahead ;D


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Stories like this give me hope for every lesbian out there. :D

Glad everything is going swimmingly for you!

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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haha why thank ya! I guess

haha why thank ya! I guess that luck you rubbed off on me a while ago is starting to kick in ;D

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I LOVE reading your

I LOVE reading your journals!

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really? I always assumed

really? I always assumed people thought that they were too long and tedious to read =P