Happy Holidays

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so it's christmas morning...really really early morning...
and you know what? i'm still...wait..let me explain this a bit better...

i think about stuff i did with devon, but it's just a memory.
i jusr rmember it and the way i felt, but i dont feel it now.
it feels as if i'm not interested in her anymore and that scares me.
it's weird...like...i lost the passion or something like that....
i dont want to see her and i dont want to talk to her.
i haven't seen her and i haven't talk to her. strange? to me it is.
have i lost interest? if that's the case, her birthday is the day we
get back to school. i dont want to hurt her. ever.
so why is it that i feel this way? gah!

so beyond that.
i'm slowly collecting you queers here on oasis on my friends list
on facebook. that makes me kinda happy. it's fun being all
mysterious and stuff, but after a while, you get kinda curious
about the people behind these journals and such...

some of the stuff on my x-mas list has been checked of...
high tops? check
new earbuds? check
Rage by Julie Anne Peters? check!!!!(i read it once and reading it again!)
laptop? nope...
nikon? no

(this was on my list for a while but i'm not sure about it now...)
my first kiss with devon

this is starting to depress me...anyways
hope ya'll have a wonderful holiday.

cookies, 50 points and hugs for all
*rainbow glitter falling from the sky*


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Thats a hard one. Maybe see

Thats a hard one. Maybe see how it goes when you guys see each other again. But if you don't like her that way anymore, you can't force it. And you can't lead her on. Good luck and merry christmas. Oh, and thanks for the internet hug. Made me smile.

"If you never asked who I am, how can you assume you know me?"

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yeah, i know...D:

but i also told her she'd be my first call of 2010...so she'll either be expecting a call or be woken up by one...she never said okay, nor did she say not okay...

glad i made you smile, i'm always here for a hug.
in fact, not to toot my own horn, but i was told several times by different people that i give the best hugs...so. :)

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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I have a facebook! :)

We should be friends.

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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note me the link

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)