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So. This girl. I think we're already starting to grow fond of each other. Although, *if a relationship were to happen, it's not going to happen anytime soon.

I wouldn't want that. a) I'm not someone to just jump into a committed relationship with out being friends for an extended amount of time first, and b) she has recently ,ie in the past month, had a relationship end. So, both of us need some time I believe. also c) she smokes weed and cigs, a little bit more than I would like... and personally for me, tis a bit of a turn off. But, all in all, I find that she is actually a really sweet, and more innocent than she thinks, girl, so it's all good!

I'm pretty sure she wants to be more than just regular friends. She's motioned towards it, as have I, that we'd be totally down with having a little bit of adult fun ;D

A couple bottles of white wine and a movie, pull out the queen sized sofa bed, and we're set! haha

But of course, all in good time! For now, we'll go out for coffee (hot chocolate for me!) and chat up a storm =)


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im sure that adult fun would be a most nice experience ;)

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taha! I've only heard good

taha! I've only heard good things about her, ... apparently she's real good >.< hehe

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Considering your birthday I

Considering your birthday I would expect you to be more down with that ;) Good luck with the girl!

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ya, she got quite the kick

ya, she got quite the kick out of it when I told her my bday heh! honestly though, I've never partaken in that day myself! and especially now that I'm in uni, 4/20 is smack dab in the middle of finals.. and I kinda need my brain to be level at that time lol. I haven't celebrated my bday on the 20th since I was in high school =P