i am

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........ a penis. XD

noooo im not a penis. i am the one having relations with AlwaysFallingDeeper......if you dont remember me from that then jeez....i sure am disappointed. >.> cant really say who i "was" cause i dont want others finding me on here. well besides that whole thing, i really am alot happier here with my mom, or "ma" as i sometimes call her :P....or mom, or mommy, or mother XD. depends on what mood im in :D. ish real cold here, not like long beach. and i really do like having the kids around again (even if they do get on my nerves sometimes.)

i should go now cause mom still doesnt like me goin' on here, and this is her laptop afterall.


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Glad to see you. :)

<3 FLAME ON! <3