i kinda got a little upset i guess...

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well i think that you'd call it that. it involves my girl and her going to her cousins. and i should probly just leave it at that. i just felt a little uncomfortable...well not a little, a lot. and i kinda almost flipped out. but instead i was kinda mean and hung up after she suggested i go (cause i was really tired from all the kick ass cookies i made yesterday :D which are really yummy btw ). well i said bye and then hung up. she didnt call back which was probly a good thing cause i really didnt want to argue while she was having a good time with her cousins. but i guess what set me off was that i asked her earlier if she was too busy to talk (she called me and i just thought that she did cause she was ready to lay down and just talk like we do almost every night) and when i answered her call i was basically ignored for a few minutes, dont get me wrong i didnt get angry over this cause it's pretty normal for that to happen when she's over there, it just annoyed me a little but i forgot about it. and then she suggested i call her back when i wasnt busy cause i was watching this show with my mom but i didnt want to be mean and just leave like that, but i did try to get a convo going with her...and i was ignored a few times...so i got a little upset but not much so i kinda got a bit of an attitude ( my mom didnt notice any of this lol) and didnt say bye after she did..or i love you ( which is normal when im around my mom or some one else who doesnt approve of our love :P that was lame only so i dont get scolded). so i call back later and she's hanging out with them while theyre smoking weed ( and i really do trust her, i dont think shes going to smoke with them). second hand smoke. and just from it being from weed makes it that much worse. i mean she's against the whole smoking (weed and cigarettes) thing, she's told me that if i ever started again she'd most likely break up with me ( and im not going to, not cause of what she might do but cause i promised) and i cant see how she can hang around them while they do it if she's so against it. i mean i know that theyre family and everything but i'd think she'd go somewhere else while they did it. it did kinda hurt a little. but im over the whole smoking thing, that was almost a year ago. it just hurt that she was ok with them doing it around her while i got threatened if i even did it one more time not around her...... you see where im coming from? it just bugged me alot and i slept in until like noon, which is weird for me cause i always wake up early even if i did fall asleep at 1 in the morning (i fell asleep at like nine. i sleep alot when im upset or when something is bothering me.
i was supposed to call her today and i dont even know if im going to. if she calls me i'll answer, but i dont think im going to call her. i feel like im being an asshole. its probly a stupid thing to be mad about.

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