"Im taking you to my wife"

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I left the house around 8:40pm I didn't have anywhere to go or any plans it was my last day and I wanted it to be fun you know a blow out but it didn't seem like it was going to happen for me I was scared the night would just pass me by so I went to the corner of Webb and sedwick I stood there and waited cars whizzed by and honked but none good enough then this guy stopped and wanted to talk to me he wasn't really cute well you know not my type he was black and not much taller then me but he looked strong he told me I was beautiful and that we could have a good time drinking and maybe smoking I told him I didn't smoke he said we would see.

I get in the car and it was one of those ghetto cars he had to roll the window down with pliers and his air came from an actual miniature fan that he plugged in.
He said he had to drop some stuff off first then we could chill I figured that would be cool so he got on the phone and everything he said sounded so coded he was talking about onions and lbs and purple I was like okay wait is he selling drugs while Im in his car?
He stopped at the store bought Bacardi and Pepsi I didn't like liquor unless it was a nutcracker you know those drinks they sell at the corner store they are like vodka and something else I don't know but it tastes so much better and its easier to get down but this was horrible we stopped in front of a building and he got the drinks out he poured me some and him self and we drank then this big fat tall black guy came out and he had a huge pack of weed in his hands Kareem wasn't happy he said "that's not what I wanted" they talked for a minute then we followed the big guy in his car somewhere else where he got what he wanted and then we went somewhere else so he could sell it he came back and he had over a $1000 in cash on him I looked at the money and thought to myself "fuck I spent my last $2 yesterday...I wish I could just make money like him so simple but so dangerous".

Then he told me he had this exclusive weed that was hard to find that no one really is able to get their hands on purple something and sour something he showed me and I wasn't impressed I wasn't interested in weed he poured me another drink and we were off to the motel the thing is I didn't want to go with him I was wasting my last night with an ugly drug dealer and he thought he was going to get some but he really wasn't going to get anything from me I just wanted his liquor and to be out I wanted to feel good for this one night you know before I went back to the hell that is Florida.

We finally get to the Apple motel inn he said "ill be right back stay here" I watched as he walked away to the front desk and panic took over my mind I didn't want him to touch me I was repulsed by him I opened the door and ran the door slammed behind me and I took off as fast as I could around a corner and across the street I looked behind me praying he didn't see me I walked so long and didn't know where I was I knew this wasn't the Bronx the cops stopped me and they asked what I was doing ill admit I looked a little loose I was wearing a short skirt and a shirt that showed a little much up top they said that a report was made about a girl and a guy walking near by but I mean hello fuckers I was alone they asked for my ID I was a little tipsy the cop told me to stand near the pole I walked over to the pole and tripped I looked back at them hoping they didn't see that. They gave me back my ID and asked what I planned to do I told them I would get a friend to pick me up but the truth was I had no choices and no one to come get me from where I was they told me I was in Dobbs Ferry...Where the fuck is that.

I looked at the cars passing and there were nothing but white people at that point I knew I wasn't getting a ride. I walked back to the block I ran from I called Kareem, he told me to come back I went back we went to the room and he said it was funny because I was fast and he didn't even see me when I left he poured me 2 or 3 more drinks it was hard to drink. He smoked and I felt consumed by the smoke inhaling it and getting light headed then I started to panic again it was 12:20 I was going to be late my mom said 12:30 I told him and then he said we will be there soon he got on me I pushed him off me he started being pushy I felt him struggle against me trying to show me he was stronger as if I didn't notice he could over power me I screamed and said "stop why cant you understand what no means!" he said he wasn't like other guys and he would take me home...I had been texting Elvis to see if he could come get me but even he didn't know where Dobbs ferry was he was cop I thought they knew where everything was but apparently I was fucked.

Kareem takes me to the car and we drive he passed the exit for the Bronx and we were headed for Manhattan.
I asked if he planned on chopping me up because he was definitely going the wrong way then he said "oh you didn't tell me where to get off" In my head I just thought you must be an idiot because you picked me up from the Bronx why wouldn't you take me back there.
Finally back to the block I was late by like 30 minutes I got out the car and started walking up my block and that's when it hit me my legs were like jelly I couldn't fell my face my hands or anything I started laughing to myself then I herd guys walking behind me I looked behind me and there were 5 guys I smiled at the thought of them. There was a guy about to say something to me but the guy with the dog beat him to it.

He said "hey girl what you doing"
I told him I was going home and he said "you want to hang out with me" I asked who he was he said his name was Chris then he asked for my name I said "Im Starr" I looked at him and he was gorgeous he had a tattoo that went down his arm the only thing that threw me off even in my drunken state was the full fledged beard he was sporting that covered his whole face cave man like but I could tell he was gorgeous underneath he took my hand and held me close while we walked and his pit bull with the big head walked next to me.

I then asked "Why does your dog have such a big head?" he said "the same reason I do" at the time I didn't get that little joke...I looked at his head and thought to myself his head isn't big (stupid I know) then we walked to the other block he said "you want to chillin in the car?" I agreed I got in the car and so did he. He told his dog to leave and it sat outside.
He looked over at me and smiled I laid my head down and then he pulled his dick out of his pants I wasn't as surprised as I would have been if I were sober.

He took my hand and made me touch it at that moment I was content just laying there I couldn't feel my hand so it made no difference to me at the time if he used it for a little bit.
Then he said come on where going to go somewhere else.
I got out of the car and we went into the building right in front then I said "but you said you live over there" and he said "but were closes to here" we went inside and under the stairs he told his dog to sit he looked at me grabbed me hugged me kissed me and took his pants down again he was being rougher this time he pulled me and I could feel him about to put it in but I pushed him away and said "you don't have a condom bad!!" Im guessing he came to his sense and he just started to jerk off I hugged him while he did it and he smiled he said "come on Starr were going to go to my house" I slipped he caught me and we walked upstairs he held me tight while we walked down the stairs he said hi to a guy passing by the park and I asked if I knew that guy and the guy nodded his head.

Chris grabbed my hand again and led me through the park I asked again where we were going he said "Im going to take you to my wife she's going to eat you out and Im going to fuck you good" I looked at him and for some reason at the time the only thing that hurt was that he had a wife.
I said "...You have a wife" and he said "yes" and just led me away we walked across the street then he stopped holding my hand like he changed when he got to the block like he didn't care if I fell. He said sit here and put me down on the steps of the building I sat there holding on for dear life because the world was spinning around me.

There were guys looking at me and smiling and waving then he came back and picked me up he said follow me but he didn't hold my hand like before then I herd a voice from beyond she said "She's cute is she okay!?" and he said "she's fine!" she said "If she throws up leave her there!" When I herd this I felt un cared for and the sound of this women's voice was cold as ice heartless to the core I couldn't believe he was married to her...Then another couple walked by and said "we'll take her" and Chris said "no I found her" that's when I got scared I looked behind me and saw the street I ran across and made it I could hear her hollow voice in the background.

I ran through the park and made it back to the block I walked up and there were two guys standing there I was scared it would happen again they looked at me intensely that's when I blurted out "What are you really looking at!?" they guy said "Im looking at you baby" I walked across the street and then tried to open the door it took me good 5 minutes to get the key in the hole it kept slipping and not going in then once up stairs I had to work 3 locks it took me even longer to get in I was sweating trying to just get the keys in the whole time asking myself over and over "is this the right door" then once in I was worried about someone being up because I couldn't act normal I was falling over everywhere I went to the room and locked myself in.

I danced around my room scared and crazed I called my friends and told them about the guy and his wife. Then around 4am I was awoke by my phone vibrating on my face it was Anthony from the night before he said "come downstairs" I looked out the window and there he was waiting for me he was so cute he jumped up and climbed the fire escape but couldn't reach my window he said come on him and his friend who liked my hair tried for a good 30 minutes but I just fell asleep and that was the end of my last night.


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That was a ... dangerous adventure.