In a

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weird mood right now. Happens sometimes.

Sick of doing the same things over and over, the monotone can be rather frustrating.

Tired of always trying to please everybody else and of always being the one to track people down and make plans.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother, I go out of my way to make things convenient, but if it's such a bother or chore, then what's the point?

Saw Zombieland with my brother last night. It was kind of gross, but funny. I really hope the future apocolypse isn't because of zombie's though, they're seriously f--d up.

I feel like there needs to be some serious changes, but I know they're the kind that would be unwelcome in my family. But when does it end? When am I allowed to just be? To decide things without interference or to simply voice a differing viewpoint?

Sometimes I really wish I was adopted, then at least there would be the chance of a whole other family who might actually be okay with me just being myself without censoring in order to keep everybody happy.

Whatever, I'm stuck till college...and I'm hungry so off to find food. Later Oasis.


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You don't have to try so hard being the nice girl always time, cuz then people get use to it and start taking advantage of you. And you CANT let them do that! Being reckless and unpredictable once in a while is great haha.

At the end of the day, what matters is not what you have, but who you have become.

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hey Will

Yeah I know. I was in a funky mood. I don't think people take advantage so much as they just take for granted, which is borderline the same thing in this instance. I'd love to be reckless and unpredictable once in a while, however I have to consider the potential blowout from my parents...I'm just not the girl that just does things like that. It sucks though, why do I have to be so mature and responsible?

Fear not though, I'm abstaining from my deserved teenage rebellion until I'm a legal ADULT teenager. ;-)