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Just when I wrote about not wanting to be like Blue when I'm older., I had to start obsessing over my friendship with Littlefoot and what that could've been... I was kicking myself about it last night until I finally managed to drift off to sleep.
I shouldn't be wasting my time wanting things that I can't have. I can't take what isn't offered. It would be nice if Littlefoot reciprocated. But she never has.

Do i fit the role of " Reliable Friend" just a little too well? Is she gay herself? Or is she just plain immature ?
I wish I knew.
I can't help but think It would've been nice to get a taste of what straight life is like but coming away from the experience, I've been able to recollect and consider who I really am.
I am gay.
There is no denying that.
That is my identity, but what does it truly mean?
The more I think about it, my being gay has almost nothing to do with interest in sex.
Love? Yes.
Affection? Totally
Emotional Connection? OF COURSE!

Eh. Not so much.