I've been rejected.

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J has rejected me.

I want to die.


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awwww *HUGS* I am so clever

awwww *HUGS*

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oh, love- I'm sorry x

oh, love- I'm sorry x

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Rejection hurts.

But the important thing is to get back up again.

Just think. There will be others guys that you will like or even love. :)

Don't give up over one person.

Fell better!! *hug*

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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I agree with Carmen,

I agree with Carmen, obviously if he doesn't want you he's not worth fretting over :(
*hug* it'll be ok sweetie...
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im sorry dude...

there will be somebody else. im sure of it!

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*Hugs* I'm so sorry. But,


I'm so sorry. But, as everybody else has said, there will -definitely- be someone else. Just remember that. ^^

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I'm very sorrowful to hear

I'm very sorrowful to hear about that ; [ I can definitely empathize with you.

But alas, I won't tell you that there will be others. If others really mattered, then you wouldn't be thinking about him, now would you? But even if the only boy you can think about is him, it'll more bearable. It never really gets easier - there's always some hurt there - but it always gets more bearable.