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So, I just spent about two and half hours chatting on msn with a girl I used to go to high school with, reconnected via that gay.com site I mentioned earlier.

We've got lots in common, and some things not. I told her I lack experience, she says she has tones. She said she'd protect me from all the lesbians at the gay bar from praying on me lol I thought that was cute. She's kinda sexy, and she says I have a very nice body, and that I'd adore her if I got to know her. I think, she would make for a real cool playmate ;D and for a real good friend =)

We didn't even really ever talk to each other in high school, she's also a year younger than me ;p Now in those 2 and a half hours, she began flirting with me. I reciprocated a bit, I couldn't help it! But I managed to bring the tone down throughout and in the end.

We said we'd go for coffee eventually. We also talked about watching Howl's Moving Castle and baking some!

omgosh I think I just made my first local gay girl friend everrr!!!

Golly gee I can't wait to just talk more and swap stories and such!!

Yay!! 50 pts for me!! XD


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lol way to go. I'm happy for

lol way to go. I'm happy for you! :D

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