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today marks ten years since i had the corrective spinal surgery. There's a rather amusing incident that happened to me that week in the hospital and I'll get to it in about another day or two.

I don't deny that I can seemingly come across at times as arrogant, it isn't something that I am proud of but i'm not certain whether it it is something which can be helped.

Is it my arrogance that offends people?

Or is that I have strong opinions on subjects which are different from your own?

I'm a little bit jaded,I just ended a "friendship" with someone, one of the reasons being that he was unable to accept that other people felt differently about things than he did. He would have strong opinions on many such subjects and would often launch into self-righteous rants. But if anybody else expressed a strong opinion in the slightest he would become enraged and would tear into them.


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Okay, bucko.

Is it IMPOSSIBLE for you to make a sincere apology without excuses?

We're offended by your arrogance, and your "friend" has nothing to do with it. You come off as arrogant, discriminatory, and prejudiced. You seem unable to concede that you make any mistakes, and if someone presents an argument that is valid you either accuse them of censorship (Which you have done to me twice now) or you do not answer at all.

It's sickening. So either apologize or don't, don't give us a half-assed sorry excuse for one.

It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.
-Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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thank you

Now, would any rational folk out there like to make a comment?

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As I said...

Quite unable to concede anything.

I'm being rational. I'm just a bit angry. My rationality is really quite unaltered by anger.

So instead of insulting me, how about giving an actual response to something I say, eh? Because it is rare that you ever give me a real counter-argument.

It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.
-Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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see the most recent comment

made under my afterelton post....

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Thank you...

For attempting to make a response. At this point I find it somewhat useless to argue with you. I don't think it gets through to you what I'm trying to say as opposed to what you hear.

Let's try one last time...

I'm trying to say that you need to fess up and concede to another person's point once and a while.

What you seem to hear is that I'm persecuting you for being different, which is not at ALL what I'm doing.

Your opinions pretty much persecute effeminate gay men, and assume that we don't strive for equality as much as masculine gay men do. You have stated this plainly, please don't try to argue that you don't say this.

What I've said again and again is that you need to keep that kind of thing to yourself. We don't want or need to hear it, because we hear it from people like the Westboro Baptists, the Republicans, or just about anyone who have ever told us "why can't you act normal?"

And yes, I understand culture is different from orientation, you've made that quite clear.

It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.
-Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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You don't offend me. To me

You don't offend me.

To me you come across like someone who has always been able to side fairly comfortably with conventional wisdom about the way the world works and your place within it. And now you see you're gay and you're trying to reconcile that with these beliefs about the world that basically don't quite fit anymore. And you contort yourself intellectually trying to fit within them, and it's not quite working.

What you call arrogance, seems closer to naivity.