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Lunch. I've decided to thaw a shrimp ring for myself, haven't had one of those for a while. It's the lunch of champions, and happens to be one of my favorite snacks while studying.

It's the beginning of the afternoon and I've been up for about 8 hours already...

I had an opening shift today. It was mostly guarding, I had to teach one class, it was a sea turtle class... I hate sea turtle classes. For those few of you who miss out on being a swim instructor (ha!), sea turtle are the youngest kids you can possibly get, who are allowed to take lessons without mommy or daddy coming in with them, they typically age 3-6 yrs.

I don't like teaching classes where the kids can't already swim. I like teaching strokes, skills and furthering their knowledge on basic first aid. I find satisfaction and pride in knowing that I was the one who taught an individual how to do breast stroke the proper way. Even though I find most kids hate swimming lessons, it's kinda cool seeing them feel good about themselves, even but for a moment, when they get it right.

All said, I hate water. Deep water scares me, and at the beginning of every teaching shift I have, I dread the fact that I'm going to be cold, wet and miserable for the next 3 hours of my life. On top of all that, the pool I work at is a private pool. Thus we get paid considerably less then public pool lifeguards, ie starting wage where I work is $10, where as public is $16!!

So a) why am I a lifeguard and swim instructor? and b) why not move to a public pool??

meh, there are reasons. public pools don't offer the same flexibility in hours as does the pool I work at! I can basically work as much or as little as I want =) so I guess that's my main motive. And heck, a jobs a job. There's gotta be something you don't like about it to remind you, that, it's a job!!

A career on the other hand...

I'm currently in my 3rd year of university. I have about 2 and a half more years till I'm done my business degree. I'm going to major in international business and marketing, however depending on how my corp. finance course goes next term I may just swap marketing out for finance... I have until summer to decide.. In addition I'm also taking enough math credit hours to have math as a teachable... seeing as how "business" isn't considered one lol

Honestly I'm not a huge fan of business... it seems so... busy body. Everything is too competitive, all the time. Some peoples attitudes are so gross, so unethical. That's the big picture anyways.

The smaller picture isn't necessarily all that bad though. The idea of working in small close groups to get a particular task done is actually kind of appealing. There's so many areas, you can work in as little or big a group you want really. I like working with people, so this could be a good thing.

All in all though, have you ever answered the phone, only to find it was a machine telemarketer?? They're pretty annoying eh?! Well, that's pretty much how I feel about business... blahh!!

Originally I wasn't planning on using my business degree... I was going to go into education afterwards, do my 2 years, then become a high school teacher. I still plan on getting my education degree afterwards, however I might not start teaching right away...

I love traveling! If I could land a job where I'd get to jump around a bit for a little while, I think that'd be pretty sweet =D I was thinking of ditching the pool after I complete my business degree and getting some half ass part time "business" job while I'm in education to build up some experience.

This way, I can take up opportunities as they come and remain flexible to changing events.

Buuut who am I kidding. This is a long term plan, and long term plans often change, so who knows what the plan will be, say, 2 years from now lol


Yes. It's that time again, exam time.

I wrote one on Tuesday, I think I got 50-60% on it... but I'm sure everyone else did as well! HA! So hopefully some curving will take place... cuz' that was the one class I had a hope of getting an A in lol.

Tomorrow at 1:30pm I have marketing... I've studied a grand total of 2 hours for it, and continue procrastinating by writing this journal, refusing to study until my shrimp ring is thawed out... yikes, less than 24 hrs to go... and I sure as hell don't plan on studying past 7pm.

It's like I'm back to my old high school study habits... it feels nice =)

I remember when I first started out university. It was hell. Not only because I was in science =p, but because I actually had to do work and study a crap load to achieve the equivalent grade I received in high school.

It's hard to adjust to university standards after going to a high school that spoils you with time and more accessible personal assistance. In the end it screws you over and ill prepares you for what is to come. Independent learning is a necessity. Learning to efficiently and effectively learn through textbooks, and not face to face, is necessary.

In high school I went to class to learn and hang out with my friends. I then went home to have 3 hr naps, play badminton, do karate and play final fantasy =D Then when it came to finals, I crammed 1-2 days prior to the exam, sometimes in a group study sesh, and was successful.

First 1-2 years of university, I went to class to gather a brief idea about what it is I'm actually supposed to learn about, then I leave and learn it myself. I proceeded to the study carrels and studied, then after go to the gym or something to work off all the food I ate while sitting and munching. When Finals come around, instead of studying 1-2 days before, I studied 1-2 weeks before. I also balanced work and kung fu in there as well.

This year is another story =) required study time has been reduced significantly (ie 3 day weekends, rule #1: no studying!!), I'm working more and making a reasonable amount, playing ultimate and the odd game of badminton AND final fantasy 13 comes out in March, 2010.. .... !!!!!!!!!!! =D so excited. I love being nerdy like that =)

That whole process is a part of the reason I want to be a high school teacher. I want to prepare students for what is to come, help them become independent learners, public school kids in particular. I want to teach pre-cal, calc, and introduce statistics to the system... g-d forbid I teach accounting, etc HAHAHA!!

but alright. enough procrastinating... I'm going to go check on my shrimp ring... if it's not ready, I'm gonna have a shower, then check on it again... then study =)

1 exam down, 4 to go D'=

Lets say... 75 pts for reading this one... it was pretty bland =p


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It's ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD !!!!!

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One note on the lifeguarding

One note on the lifeguarding thing- It could be worse. My sister was a lifeguard this summer, and she only got paid $5.50.

Good luck on your exams!

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$5.50?! I'd refuse!! That's

$5.50?! I'd refuse!! That's well below minimum wage!! I'd rather fold clothes and stack shelves lol

and thank you, I'll need the luck =p

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Hm.. one thing I've always

Hm.. one thing I've always wondered. Why do your journal titles go through the alphabet backwards? >>

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

"Dreaming that someone unknown has died means that either you've been watching too much CSI..." - 5thstory

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A while back I couldn't for

A while back I couldn't for the life of me come up with a title, so I put "Z"... then it happened again, so I put "Y"... then I thought it would be interesting to see how long it would take me to get through the entire alphabet, ie to write 26 approx. entries (there are a few where I did not use the alphabet!)

I started march 15th =p

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Hahaha, that works. "Assets,

Hahaha, that works.

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

"Dreaming that someone unknown has died means that either you've been watching too much CSI..." - 5thstory