Let me just rant before I eat

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I think I'll just skip Christmas next year...seriously. Well, by that I mean only give/receive gifts with my parents. I'm starting to resent my two older sisters much like my dad already does. First, all week there's been this back and forth FB messaging between myself and my two sisters on them trying to figure out when they can come for our family Christmas get together. Which I don't mind, I get that they're busy with work and everything, but then the past couple days it's just been annoying because they haven't been writing back quickly and I WANT TO FLIPPING KNOW WHEN TO EXPECT YOU!!! Oh, and so do my parents as they keep reminding me. Grrr.

Then buying them gifts was total bs because we don't have a lot of money, with my parents out of work and everything, so trying to find them gifts that they would actually use was....well, just dumb. I asked both sisters if they could give me some ideas on what they'd like and one does and the other just, and I could've been misinterpreting the FB message but, it seemed like it was a bother, like I should know what to get her, or maybe she didn't know what to suggest seeing how she knows we don't have a lot of money to spend on that extra stuff. THEN, the freaking stresssssss over the fact that my dad is still mad that one sister didn't send him a card (or phone him) on his birthday this year (it was his 60th and apparently important to him) and I'm still stressed that maybe she told me to tell him happy birthday and I just forgot....it's been a busy year. So, now I'm even MORE stressed that he's going to bring that up and she's going to say whatever and it's ALL going to be my fault.

Lastly, earlier this week my oldest sister asked me if we got The Simpsons Game for my nephew, because my parents had been talking about getting it for him. So I messaged back that, yes, indeed, we got it for him and I even sent a thumbnail and link to the EXACT game we got for him, just so she'd be sure not to get the same one. AND what does it look like she did? Oh, why yes of course it looks like they got THE EXACT SAME FFFFF-----IIIIINNNNNGGGGG GAME!!!!!!!

Oh, that agrevates (Have no idea how to spell that!) me the most!!! I feel like taking back all their gifts and just saying "don't bother coming, I cancel Christmas."

I'm sorry that probably seemed very dumb and insignificant but you don't know the family history.....errrrrrrrrrrrr......Christmas blows, but only because of them. I'm sure they won't appreciate any of the gifts we bought them either.....


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Feel the same f-ing way.

Well, there is no point wasting a bunch of precious times on buying people gifts that they don't like.
It's like trading tortures.
I hate it.

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The problem is that we already bought them, so, yep, we're stuck with the presents. They are supposed to be coming here for our usual Christmas get together, so we'd look like jerks if we didn't have anything for them, no? But, yep, it feels like those few, honestly, precious days we spent looking for gifts for them, were a complete and utter waste of time. Shame on me, I should've known better.

It sucks you're in the same situation...it blows, does it not?

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