LGBT Pop Culture

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Since were not usually (at this general age group) congregated into humongous identifiable clumps, sometimes it doesn't really seem like there are things we all get, which semms unfair, since everyone else gets their pop culture. So, if you had to make a list of things that should be things every LGBT teen/college-age person should know (like books, movies, people, phrases) that would make up LGBT t/c-a p culture, what would they be?

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books: lgbtq girls: annie on


lgbtq girls:
annie on my mind.
keeping you a secret, luna, RAGE,... basically all Julie Anne Peters books.
empress of the world (the book caused me to come out) & rules for hearts
deliver us from evie (a straight friend read it; said it was good).

lgbtq boys: (i don't know many...)
rainbow boys/ rainbow high/ rainbow road (loved theemmm...)
um, Out of the Pocket is the only other one i know for guys.
cold butch blues (i think that's what it's called. it's about a transman.)
god box (?)

movies(w/ sexuality/gender):
imagine me & you - l/b
boys don't cry - t
RENT (of course.) - l/g/b/t
mambo italiano - g/b
angels in america - g/b
brokeback mountain .. :) - g/b
were the world mine -g/b
orlando - l/g/b/t
MILK!!! - l/g
philadelphia - g/b
but i'm a cheerleader - l/b
itty bitty titty committee - l/b/t
bound !! - l/b
there's more. i just haven't seen them yet.

& as for phrases...
the only one i can think of is "marriage is so gay!" because i want the shirt with that on it for christmas.

- yeah, that feels like a lot. just keep adding to it, cuz i know i missed a lot. especially for guys...

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felt like adding this to it...

- i just checked the list. whatever movies i missed are on that.


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"U-haul lesbian" "I'm not

"U-haul lesbian"
"I'm not gay but my grilfriend/boyfriend is."