Life Goes On

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If I've learned anything about life in these past two relationships I've had, it's that nothing lasts forever, even if it feels like it will at times. So enjoy what you've got while you've got it.

Life goes on, with or without me. So I'm going to live life and roll with the punches.

I love spewing clichés.

Anyways, I'm going to look closer now, to see what I'm really looking for. Maybe this time I'll find it at last.

Or maybe I'll just live my life looking for it.

Who knows. I'm not sure what it is anyways. But I hope it goes well.

Merry Christmas, Nanook.

Merry Christmas, Lol-Taire.

Merry Christmas, Shelby.

Merry Christmas, Pat.

Merry Christmas, Ferretsmahboy.

Merry Christmas, Free_Hugs.

Merry Christmas, Merric.

Merry Christmas, jmy.

Merry Christmas, BullDyke.

... And everyone else.

I love you all.



Thank you very much =]. I

Thank you very much =]. I hope u have a very amazng Christmas! Even though I've never actually talked to u lol

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Thanks, love.

That's kind of you. ^_^

Have an extraordinary Christmas!


I love you.

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sometimes, cliches work.

What can you do but keep going? I hope it goes well, too.

Merry Christmas.