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god idk wut to do
people know me as the quiet kid who never speaks his mind, and well im not, im actually an out spoken guy who likes guys, man do i ever.
no one knows, there aint no one to trust, and to be spoken true i dont want to be known as the gay guy, i hate the classification, im me, just, me...
but then i have weak moments when i WANT to trust, NEED to trust but i put then down and tell myself, i can be me later...but it kills me everytime i say it.
idk what to do, do i let people see me as me and take what they dish out or do i stay seen but not heard.
its just so hard when yourself is the only person you can talk to, i wish i had someone to care about and to care about me.
i hate Amherst!, i hate Amherstburg!, any help available is great cause my head is tearing me apart. :(


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im not a professional, but it does help to talk. that's why we're all here.

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dear, at least hear you have quite a nice place where you can talk bout anything on you mind. were all freinds

experince the awe and mystery that reaches from the deepest inner mind to the outer limits!

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Dude. You're the guy version of me and my personality. Welcome to Oasis! I know things suck, I really do, but having Oasis does help.

I'm also the mostly quiet girl, but I actually have my own opinions, like you, which I seldom get to voice in my family.

Oh and Dude, on here, you will NEVER just be known as 'the gay guy', here your one of us, you're Dude. ;-)

Anyway welcome, and feel free to PM me if you need to talk or rant. :)

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Your Angst is Felt...

...and many here share your feelings. But each suffers in his own way... this, however, in no way negates your own very personal experiences in the search for the more efficacious path.

I'm much older than you... but your chains are very reminiscent of similar restraints I've felt during much of my youth.

All I can offer is: persevere. I have every confidence that you can find much help here after sharing your experiences (both good and bad) with those of kindred spirits.

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all i can say is thanks for your comments, they made me feel better about what i'm going through and letting me know that even though i can't talk to my friends and family where i live, i can talk to u guys and girls here.

so thanks. :)