Merry Christmas Oasis!

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thanks for everything you guys have done for me, dont know where i'd be if i didnt have anywhere to vent and complain about my life...... -.- hehehehehe.
i saw that on this guy's work truck XD (in case you didnt get it A.S.S. is what i thought was funny) and he had the first letter of each word red and capital :D. that was the highlight of my day.
well anyways merry x-mas oasis. :)


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I haven't really done anything for ya, but I'll take the tribute haha. Merry Christmas there!

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:D Merry Christmas!!!

I would totally have taken a picture of that. Thats pretty great. Anyway, I hope you enjoy christmas, and hope family doesn't drive you crazy. We will always be here to hear you complain.

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