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I'm out to my dermatologist... beat that.

I've been dealing with miner acne since I was about 14. Although this year, it battled it's way up to moderate and pounded my face into the ground lol As you can imagine, I've tried a few creams, cleansers, etc. My mom's been buying me all these products. After doctors prescribed bullshit money grabbing products didn't work, my mom cut the crap and got a reference from my cousin, who is a doctor, to see a dermatologist. I swear she cares more about my face than I do myself!

The dermatologist prescribed me accutane. Apparently it's pretty hard core, buuut I'll be the judge of that lol. This medication sounds like a pain in the ass though. With this drug, it is absolutely imperative that I do not get pregnant while on the medication (duration 5ish months? plus 2 months there after). If I do, the baby will be deformed... he highly recommended I go on birth control if I weren't already on it, which I'm not. I refused. He asked again telling me that if I am at all sexually active, or plan to be in the next half a year, the risk of getting pregers while on this medication is very serious.

I told him I don't sleep with men, and gave a little smile. I could tell he knew what I meant, he gave a little smirk back. No further questions were asked.

Mind you, I have yet to have a chance to sleep with a women either... so ultimately that line isn't as smooth (from my pov) as I wish it were.

But ya. I'm out to my dermatologist heh.


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Is there a special high level of out-ness that comes with being out to your dermatologist? :-)

Acne sucks. I've been there. I was on antibiotics for it for two years. (It would probably have been longer if I hadn't insisted on stopping them before I left for college.) Not Accutane though. I wanted it at one point, just because my doc had said I'd be on it for six months and then done with acne meds for good — sounded pretty good to me! :-) But my parents said no because of the side effects (and because I'd have had to get on some prescription drug registry).

Anyways, good luck with that! :-)

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ya, I anticipate it's going

ya, I anticipate it's going to be a pain in the ass. But this year is already a giant hell hole for me as it is: I'm taking all the core courses of business (tedious as fuck) and getting my wisdom teeth out. So I figured, why not make my year even worse be taking accutane and having drier skin and chapped lips for 6 months?! lol

but ya, in the end, the mere chance that I may not have to deal with acne again is quite appealing.

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I took Accutane back in 8th

I took Accutane back in 8th grade (5 years ago). It worked really well, and I didn't really experience any side effects as far as I can recall. My cousin, who is far more fashionable than I am, asked me if I was wearing makeup on more than one occasion because my face is so clear now. Of course, I still use some acne face wash, but I think it's effectiveness has more to do with the act washing of the face than the ingredients.
And as for the pregnancy/birth control thing, yeah, they have to be really careful to make sure the patients are 100% informed about it because of all those liability issues and whatnot. I remember I had to list 2 (or maybe 3) methods I would use to prevent pregnancy. My #1 was abstinence. Ha.
Well, I hope Accutane works out as well for you as it did for me.

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ya. My #1 = GAY =) and

ya. My #1 = GAY =)

and *cheers*!! here's to hoping! =D