No One Mourns The Wicked- An actual journal about my life for once.

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Wicked is such an excellent musical, don't you agree? I adore it.

I've not said much about my life, lately, and this is mainly due to my paranoid assumption that certain persons in my life are spying on me. I shall continue to give little by way of specifics.

Anyways, I'm rather tired lately, but I'm about to lose my virginity, which is both rather exciting and rather frightening.

Life is good, all in all. I've finished a composition which has taken me a damn good three weeks to complete. Curse you, G Minor Scale, you're so wonderful, but so fickle.

I have developed a deep relationship with a friend, and I hope that our relationship continues. He is, sadly, largely unavailable lately.

I haven't seen Glee in ages. I'm going to be on Hulu for several hours to catch up.


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How do you say that you are about to lose your virginity

with such certainty? how do you know that? Two weeks before I lost mine I thought I wouldn't be doing that for a very long time.


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My boyfriend and I have planned it. It was supposed to happen yesterday, but... Meh.

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I absolutely love Wicked. And the fall finale of Glee made me quite happy overall. I hope you enjoy it.

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I had a friend who planned it for 8 months before it happened.


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The title makes me think of "Ain't no Rest for the Wicked" by cage the elephant. Good song.

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