Original Plumbing - new FTM magazine

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Hey ya'll, just thought I'd drop you a line about a new magazine that started in San Francisco called Original Plumbing.

Here is the description directly from their website:

"Original Plumbing is the premier magazine dedicated to the sexuality and culture of FTM trans guys.

Original Plumbing documents diversity within trans male lifestyles through photographic portraits and essays, personal narratives and interviews. We feel that there is no single way to sum up what it means to be a trans man because we each have different beliefs, life experiences and relationships to our own bodies.

Original Plumbing is a quarterly print magazine by Amos Mac and Rocco Kayiatos, independently published and distributed out of San Francisco, CA."


You can also add Original Plumbing on Facebook:

Definitely worth a look, and Original Plumbing is definitely a friend of Oasis.

FYI, there is some nudity in the premier issue, but that isn't going to be the main thrust of the magazine, as I understand it.