posting from school is fun...

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cause then you dont have to listen to what the teacher was making :D lol
i really want to strangle this bigoty guy in my class right now. he screamed about what a fag my friend was (casue my friend wore a sweater, and apperently on gays where sweater e_e) in the middle of class, and got off with just a warning :P


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Lucky. I couldn't visit any


I couldn't visit any LGBT websites in school before College. They were all blocked by the school. I once refused to do a government project because I couldn't d the research for LGBT marriage. I sat in the computer lab cried, and just waited for class to end.

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Sweaters... are faggy? Well,

Sweaters... are faggy?

Well, looks like the wealthy are all fags. Good thing too - it's much easier to gold dig now.