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So I got this magazine in the mail full of Prom dresses and I thought what the hell? But then I started thinking about it. I never really cared about it, but now I think it's one of those few high school rite of passage that I actually want. Alas I am homeschooled, so no prom, but possibly a gay prom, though I doubt it.

So my question is this: Has anyone here been to a gay prom? Or planning on going to one? Or maybe a straight prom? Who did you go with? And if you went to a straight prom, did you go openly gay? Any additional thoughts about proms?

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I went to my highschool

I went to my highschool Prom...and my girlfriends high school prom. We both went openly gay. She wore the dress, I wore the tux :]

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I went to prom my senior year, just so I could say I went. No date (but I was only just coming out to myself then). It was not that great. The dance area was super crowded and I didn't really actually have much fun...

I did go dress-hunting with a couple of my friends a week or two before, though. There's this place in the city I lived in that lets you borrow a prom dress for $10, and I found this really, really pretty pale purple one with beads on the front. That dress made me feel so pretty. So really that was the best part.

I think my college GSA sponsors a gay prom every year, but am not sure if I'd be interested in going.

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I went to school prom last

I went to school prom last year. I went by myself. it kinda sucked all around, cuz I had poison Ivy face, no date(at all), and no one asked me to dance....

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i'm going this year, it's my

i'm going this year, it's my last year at the school so what the heck. i'm openly gay, but i will be my female best friend's unofficial ''date''. X)
however, most people at my school aren't going with a date, but with friends.

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i'm gonna go to queer prom

i'm gonna go to queer prom this year! my gsa goes, and this year we're gonna have a bunch of bake sales and rent a limo. XD i haven't been before because it's my first year in gsa, but i'm psyched. as far as school prom goes, i'll prolly go this year since i have a bunch of senior friends, and then i'll go next year as well. dateless for both proms though, i bet, not that i really mind.
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I went to a prom at my then

I went to a prom at my then boyfriends school. It was great. See if you can get to one or thow your own.

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