She is SO cute

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I was in class today and my crush, well one of them, came to sit beside me to talk. Okay, we were just talking about school stuff, but still.... :) Anyways, she was praising me a bit on how good I'm doing in class (99% average in Mechanics of English) and stuff and I was just: "Wow, she is SO cute!". I can't freaking stand it! I thought I was kinda over her, I mean the stigma attached to this crush is enough for me to wish it away, but then today it all came rushing back. She was just sitting there beside me laughing away and I'm just....melting. *Ahem* Just a bit. I mean, I know nothing will happen between us, I'm not even sure I want anything to happen between us because it could get messy, I could get screwed up for life if anything were to happen. But, you know, part of me does want her to kiss me. For her to just follow me into the bathroom, push me against the wall, and passionately kiss me.

Yes, bathrooms are kinda icky, but it would be the only place we'd be alone :P

Anyways, I just thought this whole crush from afar was over but....well, it's not. It's back. And I'm sure I'll be twice as awkward on Monday.

My mind has that whole kissing-in-secret fantasy stuck on heavy rotation.


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Well, darling, keep dreaming, and if you're (very) lucky, it may come true.

Don't hold your breath. ;P

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I'm 21 years old. Trust me, I know how unlikely it is to happen :P

Plus, like I said, I'm not sure I really want it to happen.

But a kiss wouldn't be SO bad, would it? Haha.

Ahh...I'm having conversations with myself about things that'll never happen. *runs away*.