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im officailey over my ex. i can now be just friends :) the reson for this....well i kissed my (maybe) striaght friend. so here are the events leading to it. so my (maybe striaght) friend was cold, so we was curled up in the corner of the downstiars of our church, on saturday. so my friend, carlee went over and snuggled into him, to wrm him up, and he was like, this is kinda then a few minutes later, i went and started snuggling with him, and he just commented on how warm i was, and then he let me like hold his hand 'to warm it up' but i didnt think anything of it. but my friend carlee, was like, hmmmm i wonder if hes gay/bi? and i sarcasticley siad, well maybe we should both take him off and makeout with him to see which he likes better. and shes like, oh thats a good idea, and im like, what? no! bad carlee. but shes very strong willed so she proposed it to this guy, and he siad thats a pretty good idea. so later on, we were both alone, right outside the sancuary, and im like...well do you wanna? and hes like sure...and we both leaned in and :) but we only had a couple of seconds, cause then someone came round the corner. but he siad he would like to try some more next week. i bet hes just curios, but still. i guess i needed some other guy to occupy my mind so i could get over my ex. not that im expecting a relatioonship from this other boy. just a makeout buddy :)


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that's hot haha good on you

that's hot haha
good on you ferrets

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*is jealous...* Listen to

*is jealous...*

Listen to the howling winds of your heart, and if the beat moves you, dance. "I wanna heal, I wanna feel, what I thought was never real!"

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That is so hot. I am so jealous.

"I bust mine so I can kick yours" ~ design on a swimming t-shirt

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Grrrr..... sorry.... that

Grrrr..... sorry.... that was the jealousy talking... :(

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