sooo here it is...

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as of today, im officially legally, a full blown adult.

i can now go to clubs, drink beer, and go to all those adulty-type events. haha

so tongiht, for my birthday, this kick ass metal band, actually my favorite ever, is playing.

i got tickets for me n a friend. a few friends are going, one is the club managers younger sis, whihc is cool, since that will mean no doubt free or discounted drinks :)

only bad thing is, this girl, one of the two i like, is coming, and idk what will happen. she is crashing @ my place, but i know she likes me and i kinda like her, and have been so horny for the last year that i think something may happen. but idk yet.

what if it does? i mena, i know i am gay, and prefer guys sexually, but occasionally outta this desire to be straight, i can get excited by girls.

and ya know, this girl is one of them. she likes me, i like her personality, so who knows. one of my friends told me to go on a few dates adn see where it went, so idk.

this would be our first 'date' lol.

i dont want to hurt her, but idk right now. haha.

still, should be crazy. local metal-heads and guys i work with will be there, and there will be much moshing. haha.

i am legal now. wonder if this will making my drinking better or worse? lol.


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Maybe you'll get drunk enough that when she makes a move, you'll just mention how you'd like to get with her cuz you wanna be straight? ;-)

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