The World I Know.

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So I haven't wrote lately. Let's see what's new...

Basketball season has started we're 1-1. Our biggest in-division game is tomorrow. Fun times lol.

I've been talking to pretty much all of my ex's lately. I.e. Mallory, Morgan, etc. Yeah, I'm proving things to myself.

I was in a long distance relationship from someone I met on here. We were "talking" for close to five months, only official for a month lol. We broke up a couple days ago but we're still friends.

Had an emotional break down two days ago. Not because of the break up though, god not because of the break up lol. I don't know how to deal with stress and I've had it built up for months so it just all came out. School, basketball, work, it's overwhelming. It was kind of funny in a sense because one of my team mates was trying to calm me down and I just told her I wanted to talk to my mom... yeah, I'm cool.

I've pretty much been slacking off in school lately and neglecting people I shouldn't be. I'm going to fix both of those. I'm working on the school part a lot though. I just spent four hours doing AP terms and writing AP World Essays. I love my life.

Oh, there's this sophomore at my school whose a lesbian and I'm pretty much intrigued by. She seems cool but kind of like hardcore? In a way. I don't know, it'll be fun though.

So yeah.
That's about it.

Wait, just kidding.
My friend Cameron and I have this amazing plan on how to get girls this summer of whenever the weather is nice. We're going to go to downtown Annapolis and hang around the Harbor at night and play the guitar and sing some songs. I've seen some pretty large crowds gather at sessions like that. Ah, I love the Harbor.

Oh, my stalker has moved on and found one of my team mates to creep on. I'm pretty sure if there is a god he's so on my side right now.


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I'm pretty sure...

You will get many ladies playing a guitar. Lol.

I agree with the stress part. But its better out then in right?

<3 FLAME ON! <3