things i learned yesterday :D

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none of this will make sense to u guys but here we go.
1. dorky strategy games = bonding tools (in a friend way)
2. the guy from church isnt really into guys in the slightest, he was just being nice to me
3. when i die im going to turn into a zombie that bites ppl in the left hand. it wont turn them into a zombie, but it will hurt them :D
4. i was not as over my ex as i thought i was.
5. when a gay person and striaght person of the opposite gender of the gay make out, cause the gay persons wondering what its like to get some straightness, its called curiophilia (curiosity+phile)
6. breast are good only for mourning upon
7. that my friend should not where a purity ring
8. that my friend belives that she can make out all she wants with bunches of guys, and still where her purity ring as long as she have sex
9. that inaimite objects love blowjobs just as much as ppl do.
10. that my grandmas a shark on the inside
11. my moms a noob!
12. the new way to to spell "broken" is "borken"
and 13. that cathloc wafers can be put into almost and sentence, and it makes it funny. example 'hes such a jerk!' 'so are wafers...'


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Right! Except for 2 & 4 --- These I Understand!

As for #2... You're naturally disappointed, but it looks like he does care, despite being straight. And he still wants to be your friend; right?

As for #4... This is a tough one. I don't think Santa works this field, either. But... I'm confident that you will be pleasantly surprised when you least expect it!!

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dear elph :/

experince the awe and mystery that reaches from the deepest inner mind to the outer limits!

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Dear Ferrets,

Still pondering the profundity... but I'm assuming this was good? :-)

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haha, i totally agree with

haha, i totally agree with #1. and always make for good "you had to be there" stories too. ^^
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!